About Loriana


Loriana Hernandez-Aldama is a cancer survivor and an award-winning journalist with more than 20 years of on-air television experience, anchoring prime-time and morning news as well as reporting on a national and local level. Chances are you’ve seen Loriana’s work, found yourself riveted by her powerful and compelling storytelling or simply enjoyed her charismatic and refreshingly authentic on-camera personality. Others have been captivated by many of Loriana’s public speaking engagements where she urges others to ArmorUp and change their lives through health and wellness.

Loriana’s unique broadcasting talent has taken her across the country from CNN/CNN Headline News to California, followed by her most recent stops in Dallas and Austin, Texas. Hard news has always been Loriana’s primary post, however her most passionate assignments have centered on the transformational power of health, fitness and nutrition. Loriana has served as National Health Reporter for FOX News stations, and she was most recently recognized by Austin MD Magazine as a “Top 20 woman who has shaped the city’s health and wellness.”

Over the years, Loriana has lent her celebrity and news connections to a variety of community-driven projects, most notably Maggie’s Hope, a nonprofit she founded to help children with autism (after discovering her own niece was diagnosed). Now her biggest story -surviving CANCER and helping others ARMORUP and get fit to fight whatever comes their way! In January 2014, Loriana was diagnosed with Leukemia days before a move to Washington, DC.

The cancer was detected by her fertility doctor who insisted on a precautionary blood test before a traditional embryo transfer. Instead of a new baby, Loriana got cancer. And she quickly learned she was dealing with AML, an aggressive and fast-moving variant. Within days of her diagnosis, Loriana kissed her then two-year-old son Gabriel “goodbye,” then sent him to live with extended family in Atlanta.

Loriana boarded another plane, and was whisked away to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for chemotherapy treatment. This is where she’s been fighting ever since. Her journey has been an arduous test of strength and courage, with tear-inducing ups and downs along the way. Using social media as her tool, she has given tens of thousands of people a front-row seat to her daily trials
and tribulations, describing in raw detail the routine challenges any cancer patient faces. Chock full of hope, setbacks, small victories and frequent heartache, Loriana’s posts have not only captured the hearts and minds of a growing digital audience, but given us all a glimpse into what cancer treatment is really like.

Woven into her daily diary is the inspiring message “Get Fit to Fight,” followed by her signature sign-off #ArmorUp. Loriana says her doctor constantly reminds her how important fitness is in the cancer fight; the more fit she is, the sooner she would get back to her son, her husband and a normal life. Every day the #ArmorUp campaign is gaining momentum, motivating others to improve their lives through diet, exercise and lifestyle should they ever face a challenge like Loriana’s battle. Whatever YOUR fight, Loriana hopes you join the ArmorUp Campaign and movement and BE PREPARED FOR LIFE.

Loriana kicked cancer’s and is doing great after a life saving bone marrow transplant. She can be booked for speaking engagements and on-air work for TV and radio through www.armorupcampaign.com. You won’t regret hearing her inspiring message of hope, hard work, overcoming the odds and how you can ArmorUp in your own life.  Click the icon below to download her full resume.