When it comes to handling illness most of us are in crisis management mode. We wait until something happens and then react. The ArmorUp Campaign is about preventing illness when we can, and preparing for a fight in case we can’t. According to new research, you can help yourself ArmorUp by taking daily doses of an ancient spice you probably already have in your kitchen cabinet: turmeric.Turmeric, part of the ginger family, has been used extensively in traditional Indian culture for centuries to treat medical conditions. Now researchers worldwide are taking a closer look at it. One of these researchers, Dr. Gez Agolli, Founder of Progressive Medical Centers in Atlanta, Board Certified in Integrative Medicine, and a Board Certified Naturopath, is so convinced of the benefits of turmeric that at Progressive Medical, patients can get hooked up to turmeric IVs.

The doctor and research scientist says, “if any substance could be considered a panacea for multiple areas of the body, it would be curcumin [an active ingredient in turmeric], but if you want to know how curcumin works then you have to know more about what causes cancer.”

Typically, our bodies have a self-regulating mechanism similar to a checks-and-balances system that makes sure that only the correct number of cells are produced. According to Dr. Agolli, our cells start replicating when we are born, and at some point are supposed to stop. But in cancer patients that cellular growth does not stop. The gene to regulate cell growth is turned off and as a result cells replicate out of control and cancer is formed.

The good news, Dr. Agolli says, is that studies show curcumoids in turmeric have the potential to block the cell replication, get rid of the cellular debris (cancer cells) and put the checks-and-balances system back into place. Substances in turmeric can also help to boost the immune system, a key element in the fight against cancer.

Dr. Agolli says, “we are finally learning that we need to work on the immune system.” Scientists are working on medication they believe will repair the gene that controls cell replication, and allow the person’s body to once again clean up cancer cells and other cells that are not supposed to be there. The University of Pennsylvania is also looking into curcumenoids in hopes that they can activate the pathways for apoptosis (cellular death), for the cells that aren’t supposed to be there, and stimulate the body to clear away cellular debris.

Dr. Agolli says the problem right now is that turmeric is hard to digest, and doctors don’t know the perfect dose. He tells his patients to take 3 grams a day, but stresses that we need more research. For the most inexpensive option, just go buy some organic turmeric in your spice section and take a teaspoon a day as part of your daily diet.

What else can you do to get rid of cellular debris, boost your immune system, and ArmorUp?

Here are 3 simple steps:

Work out — when you work out, your lymphatic system gets rid of debris, because exercise gets the lymphatic system moving. Your movement is medicine. Exercise also puts oxygen into your cells and cancer cells don’t like oxygen.

Eat right and absorb nutrients — Dr. Agolli says that while you may have heard the saying ‘you are what you eat,’ something even more important to consider is that “you are what you digest and absorb and assimilate. When you eat clean you have a better chance.”

Sleep — Sleep is so very important in the fight against cancer and other diseases. According to Dr. Agolli, “You can have the best diet in the world, drink all the green drinks you want and exercise, but if you sleep 3 hours a day and you are constantly stressed then you aren’t regenerating new cells. When you don’t regenerate new cells your immune system weakens, and when it weakens you are prone to cancer.” Sleep restores the building blocks of the body. When you don’t sleep you don’t produce enough bone marrow to make the blood cells to fight infection, and you are at a higher risk of other environmental factors that cause cancer.

Can you guess which country has the lowest incidence of cancer?

That’s right, India. Could it be all the turmeric?